Wednesday 18th March 2020

Dear Future Sharon

So it feels like so much has happened. Yesterday I tried to book a flight home for this Thursday using the third party agent  (I used kiwi cos on the same flight cost £950 bye). However, after I paid £750 for the flight, I didn’t receive any email confirming my space on the flight. 10 hours passed after I made the purchase, and I still had not received any confirmation, even though the money had been deducted from my bank account.

After hours of me then disturbing my dad with my cries of distress and getting my dad to call Kiwi from the uk, he got in contact with a kiwi staff member and explained the situation. A few hours after that, they sorted my flight home; British Airways flight BA78, departing on Thursday at 11pm and arriving in the UK on Friday at 05:30am by Gods grace!!!

After that good news, I then attempted to book my domestic flight from Kumasi to Accra. However, every time the travel websites would try to transact the money from my bank account, it wouldn’t go through despite me having enough money in my account.  I tried booking my domestic flight through so many websites but to no avail, the payment kept bouncing. In the end, I asked Chindim to help me buy the ticket. But just like the palava again, after that purchase was made around 9pm, we didn’t receive any email confirming that domestic flight. When I woke up this morning, 12 hours later, we’d STILL not received any confirmation of my domestic flight.

I then tweeted Africa World Airlines who responded quickly and dm’ed me saying whilst my seat on the flight has been booked, it looks like the payment hasn’t gone through yet.

To cut a looooooooooong story short, the payment finally came through from Chindim’s account, and I got my domestic flight confirmation details emailed to me.

So now for today, I’ve just been trying to remain cheeeeeeell. Chindim has been amazing and has really helped calm me down. I’ve taken out my ghana braids and have cornrowed my hair to be wearing my wig again. Everyone’s telling me to get my hair done again before I come back to the UK but I don’t see any point. Due to coronavirus, the UK atmosphere has completely changed from what I’m seeing on the news:

  • Everyone has been forced to work from home
  • Non-essential travel to leave the UK  and go to any other country has been banned for 30 days
  • People have been advised to no longer go to restaurants, bars and theaters.
  • Everyone has been advised to self isolate (stay at home) and transport services have drastically reduced.

Now if I was to get my hair done, who would be seeing it pls? My bedsheets? Bye.


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