Wednesday 11th March 2020

13:21pm @ Host home

Currently just chilling in the living room with Kobi and Ima (the house help). I haven’t gone to work for the last few days because I don’t really see the point anymore. I came on this placement to see if I could imagine myself setting up an NGO and working in rural villages. What I’ve learnt is that whilst I no longer want to create my own rural based  medical NGO due to logistics, lack of connections and the language barrier, instead I would like to work for a more emergency medicine based NGO such as Doctors of the World. I’m assuming that with such an organisation, most patients injuries would be more physical and I wouldn’t need to rely on the language barrier as much to be able to help?

The language barrier in developing, rural communities would make it really hard to help people the way I would want to. I think what would be most helpful in impacting these rural communities is donating money towards building hospitals, towards creating the medical facilities they need and employing native staff. ‘Cos how will the medical skills I learn in the UK using highly advanced technology and facilities help in rural villages where those facilities aren’t available?

With this being said, this experience has motivated me to work hard and make enough money to be able to do something like build a hospital in a rural environment in future.


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