Sunday 1st March 2020

9:34am @ Faithhouse church


Dear Future Sharon,

Matthew 16 vs. 24-30.

Currently at a Ghanaian church service. I’m actually really enjoying it. It’s a small but cozy church and they’re actually preaching the word of God in a concise, biblical based way. The scripture I wrote at the top of this page really struck a chord with me when the pastor mentioned it, so I need to go back and meditate on it.




10:48am @ Host home

Yeah, church was a very interesting experience. A lot of people keep thinking that I’m Ghanaian and tbh, I’m all here for it. No wahala. Until they start speaking in twi to me and I’m looking at them like a melon.

Right now, I feel like I’m adjusting well to life here. I’m feeling comfortable with most things. Even the trotro journeys aren’t too bad, but I’m a bit nervous about missing my stop on it one day. Host mum states that when I get on the trotro, in order to not miss my stop I need to say – *


*(~future sharon~: at this point I was given jollof to eat for lunch and completely forgot to finish writing afterwards)



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