Sunday 15th March 2020

Dear Future Sharon

Happy Sunday! Couldn’t go to church today as Toby didn’t have money for transport  and I wasn’t willing to pay for him. I had a disagreement with him yesterday, where he essentially called me persistently negative and said that it seems like I don’t know how to be independent from certain friends from home as it seems like I’m consistently texting them. I didn’t really say much back to him, I just listened whilst on the inside thinking lol fak off.

He calls me negative all the time yet he’s one who is always complaining about having no money, whilst never actively looking for work. Pls. Literally, lately being around him is just a bummer and really and truly I no longer want to be involved.

ANyways, so today I went to the Manhiya Palace Museum alone. It was interesting but I felt like the tour was a tad rushed. I feel like I learnt a lot more from the Ghana Armed Forces museum, as the tour guide there really took his schweet time to explain everything to us in detail. One new thing I’ve learnt from the Manhiya Palace though is that the Ashanti royal family descends through the lineage of the mothers. A matrilineal society. So for example, if the King gets married and has kids, since his wife would be from outside the royal lineage, those kids would not have any claim to the throne as their mother was not born from the royal family. However, if the Kings sister gets married and has kids, all her children will be part of the royal family and have a claim to the throne; despite the fact that their father is not from the royal family.

I also learnt that the current King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Asantehene is going to be 70 this year! And I’ve learnt that the Ashanti tribe are actually called the ‘Asante’, but due to the British not being able to pronounce Asante  properly, they renamed them the ‘Ashanti’.

Also learnt that the Asante flag is gold, black and green; with Gold representing the gold in Ghana, black representing its inhabitants being black, and green representing nature and green land. Apparently, back when Ghana was called the Gold Coast, regions of Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire were a part of the Asante kingdom.

Now that I’ve written all this down, it seems like I’ve learnt more than I realised! N’yways, I’m currently at Ike’s Bar and Grill restaurant.  I wanted to go to another restaurant called Vic’s Baboo, but I didn’t realise it was closed on Sundays till after I left Manhiya Palace, so I had to go to Ike’s instead. Tried fried rice today (as I think I’ve gotten tired of jollof una, I have it so often here), and the fried rice banged!


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