Saturday 7th March 2020

Today Toby and I went to Lake Bosomtwe, apparently the only natural lake in Ghana. It was created by a meteorite colliding with the earth according to geologists. It was beautiful.  Me and Toby chatted about life and its injustices as usual. But mate, that journey home from the lake was brutal. Obviously as we already know, the local taxi drivers here drive like mad men. But when our driver was driving us from the lake and back to the point where we had to take the trotro back home…….. that drive yhhh……….  that was something different. It was God’s divine mercy that kept us alive.

Imagine driving down a steep mountain. In pitch darkness. With sharp bends. At 70mph speed. Our taxi driver just had to be a crackhead. Toby was telling me to just try and stay on my phone or something, to distract me from the ride of terror. I initially started posting photos of the lake on Instagram, but then in case these were my last moments, I opened up my bible app and attempted meditating on the word.

Thankfully Gods mercy prevailed and we made it physically safely (but not mentally) to the trotro pick up spot. Unfortunately though, the queue for the next trotro was longgggg. When one would arrive, the scramble to get in it was insane. It was like 7pm around this time and it would take us 1 hour 30 minutes to get home. About 5 trotros passed us but because we were so behind in the queue, there was never enough space for us to get on. Anyways to cut a long story short, we finally ended up arriving home around 9pm. Host mum Eve was fuming because we hadn’t told her where we were going and we hadn’t let her know that we were running late. We apologised, but later on I could see that Toby was still really upset as aunty had blasted him the most 😦


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