Saturday 29th February 2020

9:24am @ Host home


Dear Book

It is morning time and I’m currently chilling in the living room with the adorable host kiddies. Also chilling with us is Sandra, another young lady who works as a chef in one of the flats upstairs. She was saying how hard she works- 6 days a week – and yet gets paid 300 cedis a month (about £46 a month)! I was thinking huhhhhhhh in my head when she said that. Wow. It’s no wonder she wants to move and work abroad.




7:00pm @ Host home

Currently chilling in my room, resting after a busy day! Today, Toby (the nice next door neighbour to host mum)  took me around some parts of Kumasi. We went to the Armed Forces Museum, where a very passionate guide took me on a tour of the fort, and taught me a lot about the Ashanti Kingdom and the Golden Stool. He also taught me about the Golden Stool War, and bruhhh, the British are greedy boy. However, the tour guide was expecting me to be as riled up and angry towards the British as he was, and when I wasn’t, he accused me of defending them. I was too tired to argue. But I learnt a lot all the same.

Toby then took me to the Kumasi Zoo, which has some wild animals present. I saw a lion, camels, reindeer, birds, gorillas and monkeys. My word, were those gorillas smart. Whenever someone yelled ‘Boza! Boza! Boza!’ (which means dance dance dance), the gorillas would do a quick dance, and then afterwards immediately stretch out their arms to receive food from the people. They even knew how to drink from one of those lil water sachets; they would tear a small corner of the bag and then start drinking from the small hole they made, just like humans. Wow.

I learnt and saw a lot today and I’m so grateful to Toby for taking me around. I’m so happy I’ve made a friend. I learnt a lot about him today as well. One thing him and his situation has got me wondering though, is that if Ghana has so much gold in its land, why is the economy not wealthy enough to be paying people a decent working wage?



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