Saturday 14th March 2020

1:02pm at host home

Currently at home in my room. Was meant to be at Cape Coast today but obvs that got cancelled. So I’ve just been enjoying some me tine in my bedroom. Read one of the books I brought with me, called ‘A Throne of Swans’ and just finally finished it. Will start my next read later on. I really just feel like enjoying my own company today. No Toby.

I’ve booked a massage for 2pm with some lady at the KNUST university. A 90 minute massage is 150 cedis (£22), which is much cheaper than how much a 90 min massage would cost in the UK! After that, I want to chill in the university’s botanical garden and relax, maybe read my book. Then I’ll get some dessert from a nearby cafe methinks.




4:22pm @ Beehive bakeshop and kafe

Soooo I’ve just finished from my massage* and I’m now chilling at a nearby cafe. The massage was reeeally good and even better than I expected (I thought the massage would be on someones dusty uni room bed, but it was actually in a serene quiet location with a proper massage bed). It was 90 mins long which was lovely, but it felt a tad like eternity. I think I’ll just stick to 60 minute massages in future.

But yh, it started off as a Swedish massage, but then turned into a full body tings. I deffo feel like it was worth 150 cedis, the masseuse did a great job.

I am now currently situated inside the cafe, except it seems like this cafe barely has anything available on its menu. I’ve bought two cupcakes and currently waiting for them now. Hope they’re tasty!


*The massage company is called Thai Massage and Fitness, based in Kumasi:


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