Monday 9th March 2020

@ work placement

This week, I will be shadowing the maternity unit.  So today I’m currently shadowing a maternity nurse and I’ve watched babies being weighed, babies being given their vaccinations, and babies getting their ears pierced. I am currently squirming in my chair though because there is only one bin in this consultation room that is being used for general and clinical waste. The nurse just collected a blood sample from one of the mothers to test for HIV using small syringe, then she chucked it in the bin. But the syringe hasn’t fully gone in and is just balancing on the top corner of the bin. The HIV test has just revealed that the woman is HIV positive, yet that syringe is still just chilling at the top of the bin just waiting for someone to accidentally touch the needle bit and contract HIV I just cannot…


—-few minutes later —


The nurse has just properly put the HIV syringe in the bin but I still currently have shivers running down my spine.





Currently having my lunch but really and truly I just want to go home. The maternity nurse that I’m shadowing is not use to having to explain to me what she’s doing in English. I’m asking questions of course to encourage her to talk to me about what she’s doing with each patient, but there’s only so many questions I can ask without feeling like I’m bothering her.


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