Monday 2nd March 2020

10:45am @ Medical placement/Work


Dear Book

I’m currently at the Onwe Government Hospital. starting my medical placement lasting for 1 month. Wow.

Today has been quite a day indeed. I met Fred @ 6:45am, and the first thing he told me was to have an ‘open mind’. I was very nervous about getting the trotro alone to work, but Fred was with me today, making me feel a lot more comfortable. I was under the impression that it would be one tro tro ride and like a 3 minute walk to the hospital, but it actually took us a trotro, two rusty taxi’s, and a 10 min walk get to the hospital. A 45 minute journey in total. And I’m expected to do this myself from tomorrow. Mate.

When we now arrived at the hospital, it seemed as though no one knew why I was there. There was a lot of waiting around and awkward stares at the beginning, but then after a 2 hour wait, I finally was shown around the hospital. Thankfully, the hospital team and medical professionals seemed really lovely. I had to create a schedule myself of how I wanted to delegate my time around the different hospital departments.

However, there are two things I need to criticize OVOM (the volunteering organisation) on:

1. When I initially came to the hospital, there was a lot of confusion as to why I was there. I’ve paid £550 for this program so I would’ve thought that the introductions would be better organised.

2. I told Fred that I would be more comfortable if I took a taxi from my house directly to the work place, or at least even just half way there. To which he insisted that no, I should just get the normal route of transport that is expected of me; the tro tro and two taxis. I do not like this. If I have requested something, I expect my request to be respected- especially as I have invested a lot of money into this program. I do not mind paying an extra £50 towards having this taxi arrangement for the duration of the project, and I have stated this over 5 times and yet you are still arguing with me.  You’re not even the one that’s paying for my transport! I have to cover the cost of my own transport to work and you’re telling me no, I can’t get taxi? I do not appreciate that at all.



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