Friday 6th March 2020

Ghanaian Independence dayyyyyyyyy!!! Or shall I say, ‘SIZ MASH’ as they like to call it over here.  Honestly, today was a day I will never forget.

Me and Toby arrived at the Kumasi Stadium around 8am and got pretty good seats! We then watched the school kids and other civilians of Ghana (even the hawkers omds) do marches (the hawkers marched whilst carrying their hawking bowls on their heads omd). The way everyone was marching in sync was amazing! So much VIM! I can’t lie, it was lowkey giggle-worthy when those who were standing on the stadium pitch after their march started fainting and dropping like fruit flies.

The King of the Ashanti’s and the President of Ghana (Nana Addo) were also in attendance. The presidents arrival was so glamouroussss. He looked so friendly and kind in person. He lit one massive black box with a flame, as a helicopter with the Ghana flag attached to it flew over over us.   The energy from the crowd was astounding. We then watched different tribes within Ghana do their own dances in front of the King and the President. Some gymnasts also came and performed some cool moves; including them jumping through a ring of fire.

After the amazing stadium ceremony, Toby helped me go to town near the post office, where I bought some gifts for mum, dad and Chindim. Whilst there, we came across one of Toby’s friends- a nigerian lad. He was telling me ‘yezzz nigeria is di best, better than Ghana’, whilst Toby was assuring me that this information was false. As for me, I need to experience Nigeria for myself before I decide.

Also, the amount of men asking to be my ‘friend’ today! I had about 3 conversations which went like this:

Them: Hello sista, I would like to know you so you will give me your number

Me: Sorry I have a husband no thanks

Them: Aysh, sista I only want to be your friend. What is wrong wiv that!

Me: I don’t think my husband would appreciate that.

Them: Chale! Sista!

And then they’d leave me alone. They’d handle the rejection very maturely I can’t lie. Worst case scenario, they would just be a bit more persistent till they finally accept the rejection.


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