Friday 13th March 2020


Decided to go to the hospital today for placement. I stopped going after Monday this week partly because the last maternity nurse I was shadowing appeared quite unhelpful and didn’t want to explain anything that she was doing. Whenever I’d as her questions about the medical things she was doing, she’d seem really bothered and it made me feel like I was disturbing her, so I stopped asking. I thought the maternity ward would be lit, but it doesn’t seem to be.

Also, I was meant to be going to Cape Coast this weekend but I’ve now decided to cancel the trip. This is because I discovered that the buses that go directly from Kumasi to Cape Coast are not the traditional intercity buses such as STC or VIP, but instead some rickety private rusty vehicles. They didn’t really look like an efficient mode of transport to be honest. So I cancelled the trip. I’ve let Sandra know. Safety is more important than experience. Also, I get to save 600 cedis.


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