Hey thur.

When I volunteered in Cambodia in 2017, I discovered that in the village I was living in, they barely had access to any medical facilities. The nearest ‘doctors’ consisted of a rundown shed with a few packets of pills scattered here and there. And they only had one qualified doctor present, to cater to several hundreds of people.

I was shocked. The nearest hospital was a 1 hour drive away, and only a few people in the village had cars to drive there.  I wished I could do more to help, but with no medical qualifications, there was little I could do.  This experience motivated me to pursue a career where I’d be able to improve rural access to healthcare in developing countries whether by;

  • working as a doctor in rural communities with an established international NGO, or
  • setting up my own clinics/health projects abroad and recruiting any doctor friends I make along the way.
  • Or by making crap loads of money in future and using it to build hospitals in rural communities

So that brings me onto Ghana.  I wanted to explore if I could actually see myself working medically abroad, and whether I’d enjoy it. And I also decided that it’s about bludy time I visit the motherland (as I’ve never been an any country in Africa before, not even my country of origin Nigeria and yes i know that’s shameful leavemi aLONE).  So in February 2020, I took a medical placement in Ghana! The following pages consist of the diary I wrote whilst abroad there. Grab your supermalt, grab your puff puff and enjoy.

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