Who am I?

I guess I’m a 20 something y/o painter who is currently floating about in this thing called life, learning new things as I wait to reach the destination that has been planned for me by the man above. Only recently have I really fallen in love with travelling. After only having been outside England once in 2008 (on a family holiday to spain), I was suddenly catapulted into to three different countries in 2017; two of them being long-haul destinations. France, Israel and Cambodia.  Experiencing these different cultures made me really appreciate travelling, especially my trip to my homeland Cambodia. France and Israel were holidays, but Cambodia? Don’t get me started.

Why am I starting this blog?

After volunteering in Cambodia for 3 months, I realised that being there made me feel ALIVE, like I was truly LIVING. I never want to forget how I felt as a person whilst being there. In order to never forget, I kept a diary whilst I was there, from 11.10.17 – 23.12.17.

This website will be a written diary and photo diary of the many trips and volunteering projects I wish to pursue during my 20s.

For my Cambodia diary, start here.