Thursday 12th October 2017

Good afternoon!

I arrived in Cambodia around 8am yesterday (in Cambodia time). Since then, my life has consisted of sleep and eat. And gosh have I eaten. Our meals so far have consisted of rice, rice with a side of rice. However I don’t mind… I like rice.

Currently we are having a day of training, learning about the code of conduct etc. It’s been exhausting so far, but otherwise okay. I have been sharing a room at our hostel with a Khmer (Cambodian) volunteer called Thida, and she is very lovely! Over the past 24 hours, our communication has greatly improved (when I tell you the language barrier is maud). However, she wants to work on the ‘Agriculture’ team whilst I want to work on the Careers team, so we might not end up being counterparts 😦

But yh, as I was saying before my detour, today we woke up at 6am to leave for training at a local primary school. During training, we have had interactive sessions which have allowed us UK volunteers to meet the Cambodian volunteers properly. I met all of the members that will be in my Koas Krala team (the village I will be living in). It will be 14 of us working together (7 uk volunteers, 7 cambodian volunteers) to help improve Agriculture, Business and Career opportunities within our village. Tom (one of the uk volunteers) appears to be the only boy that will be based in our village! I can already tell that it is going to be hard to work in a group where there is such a massive language barrier. I’ve noticed that during our training, when doing group work, us english speakers would subconsciously take over the task and loudly voice our ideas, without giving a chance for the Cambodians volunteers to speak. Hmm.