Monday 16th October 2017

Today was our second day in Battambang (imagine Phnom Phen is London. Battambang is like Birmingham) after arriving yesterday. We went to the VSO Training base in Battambang and discovered what project we’d be doing, and what our host home would be like. I have been selected to work in the ‘Careers’ team- which has my favorite aspect- teaching English! How rad! I also found out that I will be living in a host family with 4 people and no children. Lowkey was gutted as I wanted to have children to play and fall in love with 😦 Ah wells, what canya do.

Our team leaders let us finish training early. I spent the rest of the day with Serena and Lakkhena, and it was waaay better than it would have been if I’d gone with Thida. I’ve been a bit disheartened about my friendship with Thida lately. At first, everything was all well and good, we enjoyed being in each others company, we got along really well, but lately, I can tell she’d rather be with the other Cambodian volunteers than be with me.

But yh, me Serena and Lakkhena had an amazing day out; we went to lunch, looked around the shops in the market (one thing I’ve noticed is that people don’t really look at the colour of my skin, but the way they stareeeeee at my braids!), drank the most amaaazing iced passionfruit, ate the scrummiest corn, visited the massive Battambang Buddha statue and walked along the Battambang riverside. As it drew towards evening time, we ended up at a photography gallery called the ‘Human Gallery’, set up by a guy who travels all over the world and takes really captivating portrait shots of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The vibes of the gallery was so sensual, and we ended up sitting down and listen to him tell us interesting stories of his voyages.

We ended up getting back to our hostel at about 9:30pm – way past curfew! Amazing experience though.