Tuesday 17th October 2017

Today, we left Battambang (imagine Battambang is Birmingham) and got driven to the village we will be living in: Koas Krala (imagine Koas Krala being a small town within Birmingham).

We got introduced to our host homes!  

Initially, when we were pulling up to my house where thick clumps of cow poo were just chilling at the entrance, my heart started to sink. However, when I met our host mum, saw my room with a mattress that was actually on a bed,  and saw the western style toilet, I felt a lot more relaxed. I discovered that my host family only actually consists of my host mum and her husband who doesn’t really communicate with us much. Our house is surrounded by coconut trees, so as soon as we arrived, our host mum plucked one off one of the trees and cut it for us to drink from.

The first hour of my time in my new home was spent swinging on the hammock and sipping coconut juice. Hello, new life.