Wednesday 18th October 2017

I am currently in a lot of toothache pain so please bear with me. 

Today, we had our first full day in the Koas Krala office, starting our in community training. At first it was fun, but then it soon became tiring. Luckily, in Cambodia, they have 2 hour lunch breaks, so during my lunch break, me and Serena took a cycle around the beauitful Koas Krala area. I love Serena so much!

Back in the office, we got assigned what subcommittee we will be in within the Koas Krala team. I will be in the subcommittee called ‘Midphase Review and Farewell’, and as the name states, we will be in charge of organising our whole teams Midphase review and Farewell party. Not too bad huh!

When I got back home, I just chilled on the hammock, plaited Kumseans hair (one of my neighbours, she’s ~12 bless her), then messaged my family.

My host mum can’t speak a word of English and I essentially do not know any Khmer, so we now just sit in each others company in a peaceful silence. Lovely moments ❤