Thursday 19th October 2017

So yesterday I forgot to mention, during our first day at the VSO Office (which is essentially a shed with tables in it), our team leader told the Careers team (my team!) and the Agriculture team that we will be travelling to Battambang (an hour drive away) for a meeting with two organisations we will be working with called TVET and KAWP!* These are both Cambodian non-profit organisations which will play a key role in supporting our projects.

So today, we went off to Battambang. On the way there, I managed to have a one hour call with my boyfriend. I miss that dude. I hate how annoying he is but I can’t seem to get enough of him ew. We arrived at the meeting with TVET at about 9am, and after the meeting, got shown around the TVET campus. As the Careers team, one of our tasks is to help promote TVET to the youths who have dropped out of school in our community. So being able to visit TVET today was an insightful experience.

After that, we went to have lunch in Battambang; which involved us eating at this niceee western style restaurant. It was refreshing to see and hear so many English speaking humans at once. The food was pretty yummy (a nice alternative to the rice I get for breakfast lunch and dinner), and whilst we were eating, we met the loveliest lady called Shanae who came and sat with us whilst we ate. Shanae is an american Christian volunteer who is currently teaching English in Cambodia for two months. She was so beautiful, both inside and out, and we could tell that Meng** fancied the pants off her! She took us to a cool bubble tea shop but I didn’t buy any, to save money and to take a break from the sugar overload this country has! I’m really not trying to get toothache again.

After our lovely encounter with Shanae, we went to the meeting for the Agriculture team with KAWP. Us careers lot had to wait in another room, where I caught up on my diary and bonded with my fellow teammate Rachel. I can’t believe I was initially so scared to meet Rachel! I though she would be all intimidating but she is the loveliest! She exerts authority, yet is just such a down to earth girl.

Once the meetings were finished, we left Battambang at about 4:30pm, and started the 1 hour drive back to Koas Krala. When we got home, I had a nice chat with some of the locals who came over (with Thida being my  translator), and they were all so fascinated by my hair! ‘That can’t be real’, they would say in Khmer, whilst touching my hair like it would bite their fingers.

Tomorrow, I will be going to a festival with my host family. I hope it is funnnnnn.


*TVET stands for Technical Vocational Education Training, whilst KAWP stands for Krom Akphiwat Phom. TVET is like a college which teaches technical skills like how to fix a car, how to build an engine.They teach youth practical skills, rather than theory.  They will be working closely with us the careers team to try and recruit youth who have dropped out of school.

KAWP is an organisation that manages agriculture, and knows how to do agriculture stuff. They will be working closely with our agriculture team.

** our Khmer team leader (the Koas Krala team have two team leaders; one UK female leader who’s 23 years old and one cambodian (Khmer) male leader called Meng, who is 24).