Friday 20th October 2017

Today was the most interesting day of my trip so far. My goodness.

It started off with me and Thida arriving super early to work;  7:30am. We were just setting up the office, cleaning the tables and minding our own business when suddenly we heard a blood curdling scream. At first, we were thinking it was our office puppies, as they often get into really vicious fights, but the scream was continuous.

We rushed outside the office and ran round the corner, to see our team leader Cara on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding her head. It turns out that as she was backing out of the bike shed of our office, she had hit her head on a hanging nail which penetrated deep into her skin. She ended up being taken to Battambang Hospital and got 2 injections and 7 stitches on her head, WITHOUT anaesthetics. Jesos.


Fast forward to the evening. After a lazy and at the same time productive day of work, me, my host family, Tom, Ken and their host mum, Christie and her counterpart, went to a festival that was going on in our village. Thida (my counterpart) didn’t really want to go, but I managed to persuade her to come with us. When I tell you I was excitedddddd. Do I even get a chance to go festivals in London pls, so to go to a festival in Cambodia was soooo exciting. I wore a red kaftan dress and let my dip dyed braids flow down my back.

We arrived at the festival probably around 8pm. The festival was very loud and there were so many people staring at us, watching our every move. The haunted stares were a bit creepy, but I lowkey liked feeling like a celebrity for the evening. However, the evening took a turn to the left when a local grabbed me from behind and essentially started dry-humping me and touching the vaginal area of my dress. Was a proper shit experience as I was basically too stunned to do anything.

However, on the bright side, me and host family and co. went back home in a truck:- I say truck but really it was a piece of engine attached to a large board of wood (which we all sat on) on wheels. It was pitch dark, but someone was helping the driver see, using a flickering torch. When I looked up at the sky, ohhh my goodness. The stars. I had never seen so many stars so clearly and brightly in my 21 years of life. They looked so close and since it was pitch dark, it felt like the stars were completely surrounding me. It was surreal.