Saturday 21st October 2017

Our first day off!

To be honest, everyday at work this week has felt like a day off. I spent today at Rachel’s house with a few other counterparts and UK volunteers. We chilled, talked, laughed and bought about 100 snacks and cans of coke. Today was the last day of the village festival and it was apparent tradition to make water bombs and throw them at people! Rachel hit me with a massive water bomb today, so I’m going to make a note here to get her back within the next 10 weeks. Bish.

But yh, throwing water bombs at passerbys on motorbikes (like 95% of the Cambodian population transport via motorbike. To see cars on a road is rare. You will often see a family of 5 on one motorbike, and kids as young as 8yrs old driving them) was so flipping fun omds. Let’s just ignore the fact that I missed all my targets- it was still fun, all the same.

Cara is still not feeling well after her accident yesterday. She has a white bandage wrapped round her face but she still came to jist with us. And also, I kept getting chased by freaking flies omds. The bzzzz in my ear from them chasing me haunts me even now.

All in all, today was a cool, chilled day. The insects of this country are starting to really bug (hehe) me though. I can’t wait to go back to the UK, where the insects are less brave

PS: I absolutely love my host mums grandson, Ratana. He is the absolute cutest omg.

PSS: I did my laundry for the first time today. I washed about 30 clothes and I swear my fingers have gained biceps.