Sunday 22nd October 2017

Today was our second day off.

Me Lucky, Serena and Grace took a cycle to the Koas Krala district (like the town centre). It was about a 45 min cycle there, and 25 min cycle back (yh, I don’t understand how that worked too). It was the surrealist ride of my life, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much before. However, the Koas Krala town centre was lowkey worth it. The market at the district was bigger than we all expected, and I managed to finally buy a saroung and a baseball cap to wear in this heat!

When we rode back to our village and arrived at Rachels house (the social house), I was emotionally, physically, mentally and financially drained from the cycle. I literally didn’t want to speak to anyone for like 3 hours to conserve my energy.  But after an afternoon of jisting, 100 cokes and snacks, a few of us went to the local lake. So beautiful. Grace discovered her fear of cows too lololol.

When I arrived back home, I ate rice and a yummy egg omelette thing. I then went to my room to chill a bit and tried to communicate with Chim. Whilst I was browsing through my phone in the evening, I discovered that someone from my secondary schools friend has just recently died from falling out of a 31 storey window of a hotel in Thailand; just 2 days before she was due to leave.  When I read that, it really changed my mood for the rest of the evening. You honestly never know what’s going to happen each day. I don’t want and accident like that to happen to me on this trip. I don’t want to die.

May her soul rest in peace.