Monday 23rd October 2017

Work resumed today. In the morning, I was initially feeling so demotivated and feeling like I just wanted to resume normal  life in the UK. Tbh even now I kind of am looking forward to arriving home already, completing this program already, gaining my skills already, and bouncing. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll start to feel more at home.

Today, each of the project teams completed their Needs Assessment Survey, which we will pass around to the youth in our village over the next few weeks. We also got into our subteams (I’m in Mid-phase review and Farewell party planning). I have come to the conclusion that we have been given the short straw when it comes to our placement location. Banan (one of the 4 ICS teams currently volunteering in Cambodia) are closer to the city of Battambang, and have all the beautiful attractions and sights to see, whilst we in Koas Krala have mountains with landmines. How rad.

Anyways, after work today, we experienced our first powercut at home! Somehow, the cats managed to sneak into our bedroom just before the powercut and they were all just meowing in my room in the dark. Host mum helped get them out thankfully. Silly cats.