Friday 27th October 2017

Today was my turn to lead the energiser game for the team. Great leadership skill building opportunity! I’ve decided that I no longer want to be buying snacks, as I’ve come here to lose weight, not gain. I came here for a life detox, including eating more healthily. So at lunchtime I stayed @ the office and didn’t go out to eat (at the limited number of food shops available. There is literally nowhere else for us volunteers to eat lunch, other than Toms host mum’s food and the noodles Christie’s host mum sells in her shop. I was telling Serena the other day that I’m so proud of Christie’s mum, who runs her own shop;- an entrepreneur and business woman. She single-handedly makes our iced-coffees, cooks our noodles, sells snacks, all whilst looking after 3 children. I’m really happy us UK volunteers are here to support her business. It just reiterates the fact that the people in this village of Koas Krala are not poor; they all have a means of living. Just because their means of living is different and simpler to ours in the Western World, doesn’t mean they are poor/not living well.)

Wow, what a sidetrack. ANYways, today I gave a presentation to our group on Public Speaking. I presented it with Tom, Grace, Thida and Kakda. Our presentation went really well, as we included lots of interactive activities. I felt myself start to take lead of the presentation though; my group would look to me to add the concluding sentence to each of the slides. I feel like I’m a good leader when I’m with a group of people who are on the same extroverted level as me or less. Being in the presence of people who are more extroverted than me just makes my confidence dissolve.

Cara and Meng have been giving one-on-one supervisions to each of us volunteers all this week, but just my luck, they failed to do mine before the end of the week. I don’t know when they will end up doing mine, they may even just forget. Not that I mind too much, I don’t know how I feel about Cara knowing my thoughts and feelings. My personality and hers have not yet aligned, though I can acknowledge that she is a lovely woman.