Saturday 28th October 2017

It’s currently about 10am on a Saturday morning… which means no work! Yay! I was thinking I‘d be able to lie in today and wake up at like 9am (we normally wake up at 6:30am), but instead I ended up waking up at like 5:53am. I did my laundry (never taking advantage of a washing machine ever again) and whilst I was doing so, some lovely girls from the neighbourhood came to help me wash my clothes. Absolute sweethearts. One of them is called Srey Mean and the other is Srey Maiy.

We then ended up spending half of the day together, plaiting each other’s hair, drawing, singing Frozen’s ‘Let it go’ and them mostly laughing at my non-comprehensible words of English. Host mum came to join us occasionally. I showed the girls some pictures on my phone of me, my family and my bf, which amounted to them screaming ‘HUNNI’ whilst giggling profusely. I need to have a word with whoever taught them the word honey! :’)  This was all whilst I was chilling on the hammock, enjoying my slice of paradise.

At around 3pm, I rode off to Rachel’s to join Thida and the rest of the team and we all went together to the beautiful lake near Rachel’s house. We found a cute lil shed thing with a bench for us all to rest on, then spent the next few hours at the lake taking pictures. It sounds so boring but I had the loveliest time. Managed to get some beauuuuutiful shots taken of me in the sunset by the lake. Very splendid.

Got home around 6pm and made up with BF via text (we’d recently had a ‘fight’ as I told him he doesn’t make enough of an effort to contact me). Then spoke to mum on the phone, who essentially told me that me being in Cambodia is crazy and dangerous.