Sunday 29th October 2017

Last night I had a bad dream. In the dream, two of our UK volunteers in Cambodia died in incidents that were freaks of nature. I felt so scared to be here in the dream, thinking that everything and everywhere that I went in Cambodia, my death would be waiting for me. God forbid. That dream was probably as mix of the side-effects of my anti-malaria tablets, and my subconscious from my mum’s phone call last night.

Anyways, I woke up about 7:30am and our host mum’s antisocial son was still here (he arrived yesterday and chose not to communicate with me and Thida despite us saying hi to him). I managed to help fix our next door neighbours phone, then after that, spent a few hours teaching Srey Mean english. She’s such a fast learner! I’m so proud of her, and I really appreciate her enthusiasm to learn. I taught her how to count to 50, the alphabet and colours. If I can teach her at least everyday, she’ll be able to speak and understand basic English by the time I leave Koas Krala.

Santana (our Project Manager) just arrived about 30 minutes ago to help us fix our water problem (our bathing water has been murky brown for about a week). He’s given us these crystal looking rocks that are transparent, and says that once we place them in the dirty water, it will become clean after an hour. I initially didn’t have a problem with the dirty water as I thought my Dove soap would keep me clean enough, but when Cara (UK team leader) mentioned that we shouldn’t be using the dirty water on open cuts (which I have due to over-itching my mosquito bites), I started getting worried.

Anyways, currently I am swinging on our hammock. I will probably spend the rest of my day here, sleeping and reading a book. Thida is off to Rachel’s house, but I’m giving Rachel’s house a miss as I need my alone time. I’ve found that stroking the house cat is very therapeutic.