Monday 30th of October 2017

So it’s Saturday the 4th of November rn. It’s been a pretty hectic week! But the main reason I haven’t written in here is because I was too hooked to the 2nd book I brought along, and was reading that instead of writing in my diary each night. To generally sum up the week, earlier on in the week (Monday the 30th of October), we went to a secondary school called Chnnal Moan and we gave out a form we’d made which basically asked the kids what do they want to gain from us. We gave out loads of copies of this form to the year 8s and 9s. We then tried to do some activities outside with the year 7’s, such as playing duck duck goose and educational games with a ball.

It went horribly.

It was chaotic and none of the children were really understanding us. There was about 14 of us volunteers to 70 children, and since half of us volunteers don’t speak Khmer, it was basically 7 Khmer volunteers trying to control 70 children. Us UK volunteers tried to give our suggestions as to what games to play with the children, but the Khmer volunteer were finding it difficult to understand our UK games, which led to them not being able to provide the best instructions to the kids to carry out the games, which led to chaos. I was upset for the rest of the day and hated the world (reading back on this 6 months on, I’m just thinking wow I was such a loser lol). I felt like nobody listened to my game suggestions at all, I was being ignored left right and centre, and like I was not respected in my team. I also felt like my team leaders didn’t seem to notice or care that was upset and withdrawn for the rest of the day.  Of the project so far, this was definitely my worst day.

The next day was a bit better.