Wednesday 1st November 2017

On the Wednesday, we were invited to an opening ceremony for the new academic year at the Chnnal Moan school. Being at the ceremony and watching the little kids getting awards for excellence, with their parents beaming proudly behind them almost brought tears to my eyes as it made me think about how quickly I have grown up. I can’t believe I’ve completely finished my educational journey; I remember being in primary school and hearing the word university and thinking it was a different world. The ceremony also made me feel excited to feel proud of my own future children and their future achievements. At one point, the director of the school let us me and a few other volunteers be the ones handing out the certificates to the children and taking pictures with them and their parents. The children would do a little bow of respect as they collected their certificates from me, one by one.  I felt so honoured!

After the ceremony, we resumed admin work at the office for the rest of the day.