Tuesday 14th November 2017

Today I had a lovely day off. Our team days off are now officially Tuesday and Fridays. So today, I woke up at around 9am and spent most of the day applying for health-related jobs online. I managed to apply to about 5. I’ve also started to teach our next door neighbour Sammie the alphabet. I taught him 10 letters on Sunday, 10 letters yesterday and 6 letters today. Sammie has really started to grow on me <3. (Sammie is Srey Mean’s brother, the girl who I’ve been teaching English to who’s a fast learner). Sammie is about 8 years old, and very annoying as expected for his age, but fun to be around. Khynom jol jet Sammie (I like Sammie, in Khmer). I also spent some of the day playing w/ Ratana. By playing, I mean allowing him to watch YouTube videos on my phone whilst I applied for jobs. The children here loveeee technology. Whilst my phone/laptop and internet is something I take for granted, if I bring out my laptop in front of the kids, they pounce and fight over it, and can stare at the screen watching youtube videos for hours. I’ve decided to keep my laptop and phone way from the kids here, because watching them play with each other outside is so refreshing, and I’d hate to be the one to get them hooked onto screens.

I spent the evening writing in this diary. I’ve just written up about 5 days all in one go, so I’m relieved to go to bed now. It’s about 8:27pm, and I’m just going to sleep straight away as I’m not trying to entertain these insects that jump on the light of my phone screen in the dark.

Goodnight! Reatrei soustei!