Wednesday 15th November 2017

Today was an office day. However, in the morning after Rachel and Kakda’s ACD* (I forgot to mention that me and Thida did ours last week), we all split up into three groups and went around the Koas Krala villages; in order to advertise and our youth club, and to give any of the young people interested Training Needs Assessment forms.

I was in a group w/ Tom, Thavy and Kakda, and of course me and Tom couldn’t really do much but smile and say ‘Choom riep sue’ every time we arrived at a different home. It was quite nice to cycle deeper into the village and meet more of the people in our community. Such a lovely, friendly community! Of course, my hair garnered quite a bit of attention; which is the norm.

We bumped into my next door neighbour boy Sammie whilst we were travelling around the community and he ended up sticking by me till the end; riding my bike alongside me as we went from house to house. I’m really warming to Sammie. I could tell that he liked the attention he was getting from the other young boys in the community, by hanging out with us foreigners :’).

We finished going door to door around the community @ lunchtime. After lunch, we started marking the English tests we’d given out when we went to Koas Krala highschool last week. Doing this for two hours was the bane of my life, leading me to vow to never settle and do administration as a career. Whilst marking the English tests, Ratana (host mum’s grandson) and host mum popped by! I was soooo happy to see Ratana, as always. He is legit my favourite boy/ 4 year old in the world. Ratana, Srey Mean and Sammie are definitely my favourite kids of Cambodia.

Work finished at 5pm, and afterwards the Career’s team went to give out letters of participation to some people in our community who have occupations which we would like them to have their own stall at our careers fair. Included in that list was my host-dad for his occupation as a farmer. I was surprised when I saw him as an option, as from when he rarely speaks to me and Thida, I can’t imagine him speaking to a congregation of youths. Anyways, we all rode from the office to Rachel’s house, stopping at the different houses along the way. The sunset during our journey was too beautiful, my goodness. I’d never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful that me, Lucky and Sophea stopped @ the lake on our way back to capture the sun in all its glory.

When I arrived back home, after dinner, I taught Sammie English. He now completely knows his ABCs! Because of God placing me here, Srey Mean now knows how to count to 1000 and Sammie knows his ABC! I know that when I have to leave Koas Krala, I will cry tears of sadness for having to leave Ratana, Sammie and Srey Mean behind.


*ACD= Active Citizenship Day. For ACDs, you have to work with your counterpart to produce a presentation on one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and teach your peers about it.