Thursday 16th November 2017


We kicked off the day planning our English lessons for our youth club. I’ve decided that I’m too young to die of stress, so now I don’t push my group to plan every single detail of a lesson.  As long as we know what topic we want to teach and have a few activities in mind, then everything’s gonna be alright. Things happen too spontaneously around here, so you need to channel your energy towards adapting with the flow.

We planned our Careers youth club session about an hour before the session. We also spent time planning our Careers Fair. Or shall I say One Particular Teammate’s (OPT) Career’s Fair. I’m not going to waste my hand energy discussing why I don’t think OPT is a good team player, but all I’ll say is, you can tell who has developed certain soft skills and who hasn’t. Doing all the work, not updating anyone on what you’re doing, then suddenly being frustrated at people not understand your plan, is NOT teamwork.

Anyways, after office work, we had our carers youth club session @ 3:30pm. We played a game where we split our class into three teams. Each team had to nominate a person to go blindfolded, and this person had to be verbally directed by their teammates to find  objects that us volunteers had placed at the front of the room.  The team that directed their blindfolded person to an object first, was the winner. The game was a huge success; it seemed like all of the kids were really engaged and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure if Kakda gave them a strong briefing about teamwork (as that was the topic of our session) afterwards, but hey, at least they had fun.

Our English lesson was meant to happen from 4-5pm, but due to a lots of the kids having extra school classes, not many were present for English:- we only filled one classroom (we normally fill 3). Instead of all of us 14 volunteers teaching a class of 12 pupils English, a lot of us left. Me, Serena, Grace and Tom went to the lake. Such a beautiful place. So surreal. Need to go to the lake more often.