Friday 17th November 2017

Today was the first day of our Mid-phase Review. We went to what was meant to be a waterfall, but due to flooding, the waterfall bit was not for public access. So we couldn’t really do much at the waterfall location (Chorlong Bob Ta). We only spent about 2 hours there, then went to a lake resort place called Sek Sork.

Sek Sork was stunning. The lake and the mountains in the distance were so picturesque! We were allowed to swim in the lake, so everyone but me & Tom hopped in. I didn’t really feel like getting wet. I mainly just chilled in the shade on a little hut thing floating on the lake, and read a book whilst watching everyone. The Banan team were also there and surprise surprise, every conversation I had w/ some of them was about how crap they were finding ICS. I didn’t really feel like just sitting and complaining tbh. I’m finding this experience very interesting actually.
After chilling @ Sek Sork lake for about 3 hours, we then went and visited a nearby grape farm. It wasn’t really impressive, was just a field of sticks in the ground. However, being there, I felt quite peaceful. I even got to buy 100% grape juice and damn I could really taste that 100%. It was disgusting but nice at the same time.
After the grape farm, we got back into the minivan we’d hired for the day and went home to Koas Krala. As I’m part of the Mid-Phase Review team, I can say that although things didn’t go exactly as planned, it was still a successful day!
However, I miss Chimwemwe.