Saturday 18th November 2017


Today was the second part of our Mid-Phase review. Remember, me and the MPR team had organised the schedule, budget, snacks and activities for both days. We started off the Review by splitting everyone into their subteams (Careers, Business, Agriculture), and getting them evaluate their projects, how they thought they were going. We then got each team to share their thoughts with the rest of the group.

I think it was a productive session; everyone seemed to have benefitted from what was said. Afterwards, our team leader Cara led a meditation session which was actually very relaxing! Then Rachel did a team-building activity, which was a game called ‘Minefield’. It was a frustrating game but somehow my team won. Following the teambuilder, it was my turn to lead the next session; – a session where I got everyone to write any team dynamic problems anonymously on a slip of paper, and put it in a box. I was to read out each problem to the group so we could all talk about it together how figure out a way to solve it unanimously. However, my session was snatched away from me when Cara came and took over the whole activity. I got a bit annoyed (and still am annoyed) because I was really looking forward to leading the session and developing my leadership skills- an opportunity which I felt like was sabotaged.

Anyways, after the session sabotagation, it was lunchtime. And here I am now. After this, I don’t really have any other session to lead so I’m just going to go with the flow of whatever happens. Cara will probably take over the whole afternoon session tbh.

After our MPR today is our Bonfire Night @ the Chnal Moan secondary school.

Hmm. I though writing about my issues today would help me feel better but all I need is Chimwemwe. I miss talking to him.