Sunday 19th November 2017

So today we were meant to go and teach English in Chnnal Moan school , then teach the kids our separate subteam youth cubs, then after that, do the same at Koas Krala high school. However, there was a frightening storm! It was so bad that my host mum was screaming at me to turn off my phone so that I didn’t get electrocuted.  The rain smashed against the ground, turning the dirt roads into a mudbath. It didn’t even look like rain. It looked like someone above was tipping a bucket of river onto the Earth. The thunder was loud and scary, and the lightening was ferocious, my goodness. We were instructed by Cara (via our FB chat) to wait for the storm to subside, then make our way to the office.

At the office, when the storm had finished, we just did subteam work all day. Our Careers Fair is coming up next Saturday the 25th, so everything we’re doing as a team is in preparation for that.


PS: Bonfire Night yesterday was amazing. It definitely cheered up my spirits. Although there wasn’t really an adult turnout, there was a lot of children. About 20 of them came to party with us, including my next door neighbours Srey Mean and Sammie <3. We all danced by the Bonfire to both Cambodian and English songs. I learnt some Khmer dances too! Also, I‘ve lowkey fallen in love with the Cambodia song Sac Kam Nas Khnom. It’s sooooo catchy.

It felt so beautiful to be able to dance around the fire under the beautiful stars. I had a great first bonfire experience.