Monday 20th November 2017

So today, in order to get more guest speakers for our Careers fair on Saturday, we as a Careers team cycled around the village and gave out more participation forms to people in our village with eye-catching jobs, such as teacher, policeman, hairdresser, doctor etc. We gave our the forms to about 7 people from a variety of occupations, all of whom seemed really interested in being speakers at our event. It made us as a group feel a lot more positive about our impending Career’s Fair, and more satisfied with our project overall.

Last week, the Business team were suddenly told that they had to build a community shop, so that they could host the shop opening on the same day as our Career’s Fair (to garner more public interest in both). They started building the shop today and with the help of some very kind men from our village, young and old, they finished it today! I’m so proud of them! What an achievement! I feel like finally all of our work is leading towards something!