Tuesday 21st November 2017

DAY OFF TODAY! So freaking happy. I really love and cherish my days off where I just get to chill in the hammock allll day long.

However, today I woke up early to go to Koas Krala Secondary School with my Careers team, to advertise our Careers Fair to the students. The students are about 15-20 years old, which is our ideal audience age range. We split into two; Kakda and Rachel talking to the Year 12s and Me, Lucky and Sophea talking to the Year 11s. After asking both years to raise their hands if they’re interested in coming to our Career’s Fair, about 70 students raised their hands! I hope they actually turn up though.

Afterwards, I bought a hammock for $5 from Koas Krala market and more saroung material (I want to make a dress out of it), and two cool tops. I also tried this ‘fried banana’ thing that Meng bought, and omds it tasted just like crispy plantain. Peng.

We got the tuk tuk back to our lil village (I can never get tired of our tuk tuk journeys) and once I arrived back home, I chilled in the hammock for the rest of the day.

I love this life.