Wednesday 22nd November 2017

So today was a normal office day. Serena and Lucky did their ACD on the importance of education, which I really learnt from. I like ACDs and the idea of them. They give me more knowledge about the world and about what is going on, on a global scale.

Anyways, after that was sub-committee time. Emad n my MPR team wrote out our activity report of our recent Mid-Phase Review. We also started planning for our Farewell Party. I honestly think that it will be amazing, and I can’t wait for it.

I’ve decided to only limit myself to one snack a day, so lunch was good (fried noodles) but not very filling. I found out via Cara and Christie that our daily consumption of sugar is meant to be 20g. However, in one of the 330ml Sprite bottles I bought, there was 60grams of sugar inside. And I normally drink like 3 of those a day. Jesu.

After lunch, I had my supervision with Cara and Meng. Even though Cara gets on my nerves at times, I do really enjoy my supervisions with her and Meng. A supervision is basically just when the team leaders talk to you 1-on-1 and ask how you’re feeling and other intimate questions about yourself and the project. In light of the discussions at my supervision, I now would like to work on reducing the amount of time I spend on social media and saving that time for other things.

At the end of the day, Sophea and I went around the houses of the speakers we’d asked to speak at our careers fair the other day.  The hairdresser and farmer have cancelled on us which is fantastic news. Le sigh. Oh wells, we’ll figure it all out in the end.

Finally, when I got home today, I saw I had received an email from a job I’d applied for! They wanted me to come to their assessment day on the 8th of December. I’m so happy, I never get good news from jobs so it was so nice for this for a change! However, as I’ll still be here in Cambodia on the 8th of Dec, I will try and ask if I can have a postponed assessment day somehow.