Thursday 23rd November 2017

Today was a normal work day;- with our Thursday Youth clubs @Chnnal Moan in the late afternoon. In the morning, Cara led a ‘Stress and Positive Thinking’ workshop for us, and I actually liked it. One thing I took away from it was that Cara said we should make a ‘well-being toolbox’; which is essentially a cardbox box filled with things we love. I think that this is a great idea! In my well-being box, I would like their to be:

  • Candles
  • Photographs of my loved ones
  • Letters/meaningful cards from my loved ones.
  • Toy Story 3 DVD
  • List of countries I want to visit
  • Hot chocolate sachets
  • Souvenirs from places I’ve travelled to
  • Treasured piece of jewellery (e.g. my Israel bracelet)

Once our well-being session finished, we had lunch. Then after lunch we all went to our respective youth club sessions. Business team’s youth club was jam-packed with children as they launched their $3 dollar challenge. They had about 50 children in attendance! Then once it was time for the Business YC to finish and for the Careers YC to start, about 40 children left the room, leaving about 10 children left for our Career’s section. Kakda didn’t do the activity we had planned for the kids for our session and instead just spoke at them for 20 minutes. However, I was not stressed out about it at all! My new motto is to just roll with it, when you’ve done what you can, you’ve done what you can. However, I do need to learn how to speak up my thoughts when a member of my team does something I don’t appreciate. Communication is so key. But not so present.

After the YC session was the English lesson but since there weren’t many children wanting to learn, us in the ‘Intermediate’ team and the ‘Advanced’ team basically had no kids to teach. So we just did admin work and stuff like activity reports instead.

Got home and chilled in the hammock till 6pm. Ate dinner with Thida, then afterwards we had a discussion about Cambodian politics whilst I was sitting near her bed, writing in this journal. Talking about Cambodia and its current lack of democracy in comparison to its previous glorious days of the ‘Old country’, made Thida cry. I was very upset to see her upset. She said she doesn’t know how she can help change her country back into what it was, and she thinks she’s not brave enough to be active against this dictatory government. I told her that the fact that she’s doing this project, shows how brave she is, and this is only the beginning! The world ain’t ready for my Thida!