Sunday 26th November 2017

So today started off with me getting lost on my way to our 7am youth club session. Cara managed to help me make my way to our youth club, where we started off with English lessons. My group’s (Intermediate English) lesson was on Household items. Kakda led it, and I don’t know how effective getting the kids to just repeat words in English was, but hey it seemed to go smoothly.

Afterwards, the Careers team taught the kids a session on Communication. It actually wnet well for a last minute lesson plan (most of it organised by me). The kids all seemed really engaged and had fun in our Communication building activities. We took selfies with the kids at the end.

On our cycle from the Youth Club back to the office, OPT apologised for bring ‘grumpy’ in our careers team over the last few weeks. I really appreciated her apology. I’m so happy the stressful careers fair is over.

We then had lunch from 11-12:25pm, then hopped on a tuk-tuk to KKH to do a repeat of our youth clubs there. When we initially arrived at KKH, there was not one student present for like half an hour. Finally, about 8 students slinked into our classrooms, and in the Careers session. We taught them how to write a CV. The students, who were a lot older than the ones we had taught in the morning, seemed to really appreciate the lesson and even wanted to continue writing up their own mock CV’s during their designated break! Once we had finished our session, and once the business team had finished theirs, me and Serena has a nice heart to heart about our tie here and the things we’ve learnt. We’ve both appeared to have learnt exactly the same thing in regards to not stressing out over plans. Things never go to plan, but that’s okay.

We all left KKH at around 5pm, and got home around 5:30pm. On our way home in the tuk-tuk, Grace mentioned how we only had 3 weeks left of this trip. Ngl after hearing that I felt kinda shocked. I don’t want this adventure to end. After Grace’s harrowing statement, when I got home, I made sure to take a picture with my favourite children: my host cousins Srey Pit, Srey Mean, Ratana and Sammie. I told Thida to tell Srey Mean and Sammie that I’m leaving in 3 weeks. Sammie asked Thida ‘Will Sharon come again?’. When Thida said No and I saw Sammie’s face, I swear I almost cried.