Monday 27th November 2017

Today was just a work day in the office. We started off the day divided into our Community Action Day (CAD) teams. As I haven’t clarified, I’ll explain CADs to anyone external read this. CADs are days where we have to do something in our local community which includes the whole community. For example, things like a sports day, or painting a school. I was put in the painting a school team initially but due to an increase in CAD budget, apparently my team will be doing something bigger and better in the community. I’m all up for it!

After CAD teamwork, it was lunch and after lunch it was subteam time. I helped my Careers team complete almost all of our youth club activity reports for over three weeks, yay me. We then split into subcommittee time. As we are leaving Koas Krala in three weeks, we as the MPR & Farewell team have to organise the Farewell Party. Initially, we wanted to have it in the village pagoda (big village temple), but logistics wise (e.g. access to electricity to show a presentation, toilet access etc),  I think we’ll probably end up holding it in our office, much to our dismay.

I realised today that I have $90 from my pocket money from VSO chilling in my Cambodian bank account. So much money! I’ve vowed to only spend $50 dollars from now till the end of my time in Koas Krala, so that I can have money to spend on gifts and souvenirs in Phnom Penh at the end of this trip.