Wednesday 29th November 2017

Today I didn’t go to work as I’d somehow woken up with the beginnings of a cold. I decided to stay home to rest it off. I had also just come on my period, and my toothaches had kicked off again so I was just feeling really crap. Host mum the babe gave me some hot water (LUXURYYYY, haven’t felt hot water for two months), in which I sprinkled in the lemsip I’d brought from the UK. I only ended up resting for like an hour and instead spent the rest of the day educating myself on world conflicts.

The world is actually so messed up. I learnt about the war in Syria, the Israel-Palestine conflict, blood farming in India, the divide between North and South Korea, the Libyan Slave trade that is going on right now, Gaddafi’s rule and ISIS. I read up on a lot.

Being here and learning the culture and politics of Cambodia has made me want to learn so much more about what else is going on in the world. Though with this being said, I feel like I am desensitized to tragic news. I don’t react to horrific global events like I should. It’s like nothing appals me. Why is that? The Libiyan slave trade of people from sub-saharan African countries is absolutely disgusting. Yet it doesn’t shake me to the core, like it has to so many of my friends. Instead, it just slightly annoys me. Sighs. Why am I such a freak?