Tuesday 19th December 2017

Today is the day!

We left our host homes this morning. Very sad. Srey Mean stopped over at my house and gave me a beautiful gift. She decorated a plastic bottle and inside it, placed a bracelet she had made for me and a few drawings she had drawn of me and her. I felt like crying.

I cried when our minivan came. I cried when my host mum was saying goodbye. I will miss that home. I gave host mum my leaving gift, which was a book I had made filled with photographs of all our memories and personal letters and drawings I’d done, addressed to my host family and all my host cousins. Host mum seemed to appreciate it. She didn’t read any of the messages I’d written inside, and I didn’t know whether that was because she wanted to open it properly once I’d left, or if she couldn’t read.

Right now, I am on the coach to Phnom Penh with the Koas Krala and Banan team. I’ve been feeling rather lonely lately. I wish I was more comfortable in my own space. I didn’t have anyone to sit next to me on the coach, so I just sat alone at the back with the team leaders. I like our team leaders, so it’s okay. But I just wish I had that one person that I really connected with on this trip.